Big Apple Contest for Kids

The Contest:  To encourage a love for reading, writing, and poetry, and to celebrate National Poetry month in April, Purple Scooter Poetry will award a $250 prize to the child who wins first place in its Big Apple Poetry Contest for Kids who reside in New York City or are from selected New York City schools. The winning entry, along with the second and third place winners and an Editor’s Choice pick, will be published in our website. A panel of PSP subscribers will rank the entries according to the criteria below.

Age of Competitors: Up to 13 years old

Criteria and Guidelines: Poems must be unpublished and newly written for this competition. They should be in English and may be on any topic of choice. Preference will be given for originality, thoughtfulness, and a strong sense of rhyme, sound, and musicality in language. Poems should be not less than four lines or more than 30. Competitors should send their submissions by email through their parent or teacher to the editor,, giving their age and full name. The name, relationship, and email and mailing address should be provided for the adult transmitting the entry.  Qualifying entries will be provided to judges on a confidential, anonymous basis.  Entries are due no later than March 31, 2011. Winners will be announced by the end of April.

Good luck to all —

Editor, Gail Spangenberg
New York City


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  1. Caroline F says:

    This blog is wonderful. I’ll be following you to see more posts.

  2. Markasha Feaster says:

    I really love this website.

  3. Michelle Smith says:

    This is great. There should always be contests like these to encourage kids to pursue literature.

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