About Purple Scooter Poetry

The Purple Scooter Poetry website and blog aim to contribute a bit of gentleness to life, to add softness, lyricism, and feeling to a nation and a world that are too often harsh, loud, and insensitive, and to encourage a love for words and sounds, understanding, and creativity.  In so doing, we join the company of many other websites that appreciate the power of poetry and the high importance of words.

The Purple Scooter site celebrates disciplined thinking.  It sings of truth and beauty and love.  It is full of good humor.  Selections for the site are made with great care and without ever forgetting that children are among our most important readers and contributors.

Please spend some time at the Purple Scooter website (www.purplescooterpoetry.org).   Consider its various thematic sections.  Some are unique.  Discover the work of the featured artist Genevieve E. Wood.  Rediscover some of our greatest writers and artists. Meet some artists-in-waiting.  Check out the many links offered and explore paths to all sorts of wonders.

From time to time, website updates, news, and brief articles will appear in this blog.  We will welcome your comments and ideas, either directly to this blog or through the email path provided in the website.

Welcome aboard —

Gail Spangenberg, Editor, Purple Scooter Poetry

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18 Responses to About Purple Scooter Poetry

  1. Betsy F says:

    Congratulations. This website is really impressive. The design is simple and elegant and it’s a pleasure to browse and read.

  2. Forrest C says:

    I’ve been mesmerized by this. It is an incredible accomplishment, and I admire you for doing it. What a treat. Four stars!

  3. Gillian B says:

    Wow! The website is beautiful!!! The layout and content are all very fine indeed. So happy to be included.

  4. Crescent D says:

    Lovely. Posted link on Facebook. Said: Delightful: a varied, accessible, light-but-rich poetry anthology site put together by Gail Spangenberg in honor of Genevieve Wood, who wrote with wit and pithiness. Gen worked with my mother for many years. One of Charlotte’s poems (along with a smattering from Dickinson, Sandburg, Whitman) is in “Growing the Kids.”

  5. Amy R says:


  6. Michel B says:

    This site is gorgeous, and I’m honored to have my photos in it.

  7. Sharon D says:

    Congratulations. The new poetry website is great. You never cease to amaze me. I will be sure to share it with my network of friends and colleagues. I think family literacy programs would enjoy using it with parents as well.

  8. Maryellen B says:

    Oh my goodness, this is AMAZING!!! You have done a fabulous job and I cannot believe you included all the links you have. You should be very proud.

  9. Bess H says:

    Awesome! Such a great balance of wonderful poetry and beautiful poetic pictures and even readings. Everyone should check this out. Congrats on a job very well done.

  10. Susan S says:

    This is an epic production – you clearly worked for months. I have never seen some of the poems before. The website is beautiful and elegant.

  11. Millay Society says:

    The site looks wonderful–congratulations! We wish you all the best with it.

  12. Ken B says:

    Before the sun was up this morning I read through your poetry site and was bowled over. It set off so many thoughts and feelings about so many things, some lost in memory and resurfaced here thanks to your wide and inclusive choice of beautiful poems and the people who wrote them. Thank you so much.

  13. Ellen P says:

    I am awestruck — every click of the mouse reveals a delightful surprise. This website unfolds like a beautiful poem itself, getting deeper and richer with each layer and each reading.

  14. Mark M says:

    Wow…a bit of gentleness indeed…although the words of the steel workers in the adult literacy section touched me most in my first reading. What a great gift…a surprise gift to us all.

  15. Mike E says:

    I’ve started looking at your website more carefully and continue to be moved, touched, and challenged by your thinking, creativity, and heart.

  16. Patricia C says:

    This website is a work of art and obviously a labor of love. Such attention to detail, careful thought and selection, and beauty of layout. Your love of poetry, and the power of words and language, are palpably present. I simply love ALL of your selections because I share your devotion to the same poets. They bring such pleasure and delight, sorely needed in today’s world. I was listening this very morning to a thoughtful talk about poetry and its power and importance on a radio program called “On Being.” I also like your own contribution amongst the many and varied contributions to poetic writing–from children and ordinary folk to the great celebrated poets we all know. Thank you, and congratulations. It is a beautiful site.

  17. Helen B says:

    The design, content, and originality of this website is awesome. Perhaps I should consider becoming a “former” Luddite.

  18. Dorothy Spradin says:

    You’ve done a remarkable job with this blog. Thanks.

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